thoughts and tire irons

maybe if during
the next great tragedy
instead of sending
thoughts and prayers
we all gang up and
try to guilt god
into doing something
besides take up space
in our imaginations

if the divine maker
gets credit for all
of the beauty then
the motherfucker gets
the blame as well
if we were created in
god’s image then it
only stands to reason
these flaws were baked
deeply from the original

we give thanks when
it is our hard work
we see finally pay off
as if the absent father
who left for smokes
should be praised for
the actions of the
children raised without
knowing a paternal love
so sycophantic in our
need for a fucking reason

sending thoughts and
tire irons to enact some
actual positive change
in a world where we wait
for invisible men to
do what we should fucking
be doing ourselves to
make this world a better
crater smoking sadly
around a dying star

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