this guy, words

wanna go visit this guy i know

he has cut himself off from soceity

sounds his time alone, a ghost in his own home

rambles on and on about nothing

has a thousand and a half stories

most of them true

some of them insane

most do

you have to hear about the quarter that lived

it is something

and his trip to niagra after woodstock

don’t get him started on woodstock

either of them

or the funyon in the eye

dude is a mess

he has too many tales of loss

of nearly

of almost

he will have you rolling on the floor laughing

mostly at himself

self hatred by the bucket

last time i talked to him he was going on and on about this woman

can’t wait to see how he has wrecked that

between you and me he didn’t have a chance

never does

and his writings

he sits in his boxers writing terrible poetry and stories no one wants to read by the dozens

so much crap

let’s go over and see him

i will get him to tell the it’s a booger story, it is a killer

he has a way of telling it that will leave you crying

just don’t get him started on Her or we will never leave

trust me on this one

guy has problems, a devil inside of him that whispers in his ear all day long

it’ll be a good time

the idiot who thinks he can write and has a million tales

and all he wants to talk about is Her

makes you feel better about yourself just knowing he is there


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