quietly fading, words

normally the words sing

today they murmur dismal chants into my head

and i have chosen not to listen

droning on and on, they whisper of pain and the implosion of sunshine

vapor trails of loss

so i feel it all quietly fade away

it is raining in my heart

that constant drizzle of cold water drowning out the sounds of joy


soaked to the bone

misery devoid of company

softly fade away

take my hand as i go over the edge

or let me fade away

i am smoke

impossible to grasp

drifting off into another plane

competent incompetence

oxymoronic dual meanings

so i ignore the terminal terms of use

check yes to checking out

quietly fade away

float on to a better true sorrow

don’t follow

just let me fade away

empty cans stacked in a makeshift castle

unable, indifferent, impossible to comprehend

meaningless except to fade away

like the coda of my inner ballad

fretting over chords that blend into white noise, off key insignificance

fearful, tearful, shivering in the light as it fades away

as it all turns to dark

a velvety blanket of black covers everything

as i quietly fade away


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