somethings just aren’t meant to last

your love is like spring

you sweep in and the earth comes to life at your every glance

your gentle touch

i thrived under your rains

your love for me is the promise of better days to come and shedding layers of clothes as the winds turn warm

sprouted from my hidden lair under the frozen earth

your love is a season of rebirth

your love is like summer

blazing sun and happy laughter

swimming in the river

jumping off the cliffs into the quarry

you’re an adventure in the middle of the night when there is no school in the morning and the future is wide open

your love is the freedom from bedtimes and living in the moment

your love is like autumn

you are the leaves changing color

the former green of the forest becoming a kaleidoscope of reds and oranges and yellows

your love is halloween

candy coated sugar highs and playing dress up and laughter as we toilet paper the trees

the light jacket on my shoulders as the wind picks up anhint of cold

the bonfires and cold beer and nights spent dancing and singing outdoors

burning leaves and a sense of impending loss

your love is a celebration of change and becoming something more

your love is like winter

you blanket the world

barren and cold with frost on the windows

sliding on the freshly fallen snow down high hills at breakneck speeds

it is chills down the spine

it is backbreakingly shovelling the driveway inly to have the city plow push a ten foot wall to block your means of escape

your love is remembering the spring and the summer and the fall fondly while the cold makes you shiver

your love is the death of life and the smiles of children making snowmen under gray skies

your love is all of the seasons rolled up in one

the beguiling sun that lures you out without a jacket on a chilly spring morning

the freezing rains on a warm autumn day that force you to roll your windows up for the rest of the year

the overwhelming sun turning the green grass brown under it’s whithering stare

the wind that rattles the windows and the cold that the heater cannot quite erase

the rotten jack o’lanterns on the curb with a layer of frost on them as they collapse in on themselves

the patch of black ice on the road in the middle of the night and the white knuckles gripping the steering wheel

your love is impossible to hold for too long or too tightly

like holding onto the last gasp of summer into the winter wasteland

but i never stopped

even when you did

and you gave up

before i was ready

like the first day of school when summer still held on with trembling fingers i tried to keep you close

something’s just aren’t meant to last

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