the thin line between could have and can’t

i love you

probably always will

but in a world of infinite possibilities

all the myriads of choices

if i had to choose between loving you and contentedly living alone

i choose alone

you are my definition of perfection

made all the more poignant by your supple flaws

and every cell of my being longs for you

i truly



love you

but that never was enough

not for you

and in the end

not for me

so i bid a fond farewell

to you my heart’s desire

my fondest dream come true

because even though i didn’t have a choice in falling madly in love with you

i have the ability to be alone

and though i would swim a river of lava to ensure your safety

pull the stars from the sky to adorn your lovely neck

love is not enough

you were not enough

i was sadly lacking as well

had i been able to make you feel for me the way i fear i will always feel for you

we could have moved mountains with our minds and explored the nether regions of space

but we can’t

and i accept we never will

because i love you

but i’m going to be okay alone


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