you and me both

my phone buzzed and distractedly i looked down at it

it was her

that cold ball of lava began to build up inside me

whatcha doin

ignore it

don’t answer

it’s okay to ignore it

this raid leads only to despair



it’s fine

that was vague

so you slipped

it happens

no worries


she’s fishing

there is no response needed to an oh

you fulfilled your obligation to societal niceness

pat yourself on the back

good boy

set the phone down and walk away

wanna get coffee and talk

no you absolutely do not want to get fucking coffee nor do you want to talk

we’ve talked about this mike

long into the night

she wants something

don’t give in

are you typing

are you seriously fucking typing a response

eat shit doesn’t start with y



why, what’s going on

i’m done with you

this is the last time i try to help you

i’m bored

it’s a trap

what did he do this time


i see

defuse the situation with having to stare into her eyes across the table

then you don’t daydream about kissing those lips again

of her teeth on your collarbone

of your tongue on her inner thigh

what the fuck does that mean

i don’t only talk to you when he and i are having problems

remember that thing she does with her tongue

that flicking motion

god that felt good


you do

or you want something from me



what are you doing

stop it

you’re being confrontational

that mole on her left cheek

the one shaped like a heart

are you really going to piss that away

she’s fighting with him

what’s a cup of coffee

fuck you

great job asshole

now she’s mad

i assume that’s where this was headed

i hate you mike

i truly hate you

it was but it isn’t now

you inconsiderate bastard

you are an idiot


pretend we’re still together and go fuck him instead

told you that you’d miss me

well you ruined that didn’t you

i hate you

you and me both girl

you and me both

4 thoughts on “you and me both

  1. oh god. I had a relationship once sort of like this. And almost the same internal monologue. My brain shouting, don’t do it! while my fingers somehow did it anyway. *sigh* I felt so pathetic. I guess I still do.

    Liked by 1 person

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