hello passengers, this the captain speaking

it is seventy five degrees and the barometric pressure is roughly as intense as the heart of a black hole out there

we expect a terrifying flight across the endless void of insecurities and unbound passion

if you look out the window to your left you will see the burning fields of past desires

as the ground smolders the air becomes thick with broken promises and the oily residue of shame

to your right we are coming upon the glacier of childhood shame as it inexorably makes it way across the land carving new crevices of fertile panic

explain that one climate change believers

a little inflight humor there folks

you will note the fasten seatbelt sign is on, as we approach the turbulent teenage melancholy you will feel as if the plane is breaking apart

a slight buckling of the cabin is expected, even encouraged

the sudden crash of youthful indiscretions upon the waking adult responsibility creates an intense pressure system

motion sickness is just a part of the game, you will note we have supplied all necessary receptacles in the seat in front of you

the great waterfall of insidious sorrows creates a breathtaking vista into the savannah of subtle remorse

herds of voracious past crushes, cannibalistic by nature have ruled here for decades

if you were ground level you would see the flock of broken hearts they feast upon

on the horizon, just barely visible through the malaise is our destination, isn’t she a absolutely stunning folks, i will caution that she will take your breath away

easy to see why he fell her, isn’t it

we have a strong tailwind and should arrive to our destination of reality crashing sooner than any of us expected

at flights of fancy, we know you have many choices and we are happy you chose us

now sit back and enjoy the spectacle of reckless lunacy as we dive deep into another stargaze reverie

flight attendants buckle up, it is going to get rocky

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