dear whoever


been a while since i wrote a letter, so bear with me as i remember the curves and diction necessary to form the phrases of conversation

hope things are good for you, that your dreams and wants are exceeded by a bountiful harvest of joy

that when you wake to the kiss of golden dawn it is some thing savored and held tightly to your bosom

dear whoever

if every day is a gift to be shared i hope you have someone that you can share it with, to celebrate the victories, to tamp down the loss

that your smile pierces the dark and let’s loose the radiance of a thousand morning rays

how long has it been since we last spoke my darling whomever

too long, not long enough, does the scab of our parting still fester and pus when confronted by the things we once shared that are now just remnants of a sadder yesterday in your vaulted ceilings of memories past

i hope not


well not much has changed i’m afraid and to my chagrin

still roaming alone through the trials of life, dodging jail and love like a man on fire

but i still think of you sometimes, when it is quiet and the birds sing of brightly colored bits in which to build a nest

when the wolves bay at the moon and wish it were closer to take a bite of

we ended before i could end my love for you and thus it never had a chance to expire of natural causes

no, it was left in a state of dying with no death, a freakish unliving thing that gasps for air like a fish on the shore, remembering the touch of water but unable to flop back to it

dear whoever

this isn’t me reaching out to you in hopes of rekindling what has clearly run out of accelerant and now just smokes in an ashtray


this is a hello from one that was once a friend before becoming so much more and then so much less in your eyes and heart

my sweetest dream gone sour

sometimes, when the air is still, can you feel my tongue upon your spine as my fingers cup and explore

do you ever awake with a start and feel my lips upon yours

me either

that time has passed

i do hope this finds you happy with someone that gives you the things i desperately failed at

that loves you the way i did without making you cry tears of rage and frustration

one day we will see each other in a crowded restaurant and i will smile and wink and you can nod your head back and we’ll continue on as if it didn’t occur

but know i’ll never stop loving the you that you were when you were mine


love always



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