tired of it all

i feel like i am falling farther and farther from okay, anxiety keeps building, tension is mounting to unbearable levels

things are getting better

then why oh why am i getting worse

the thick make up, fresh coating of paint, does nothing to seal the cracks in the facade, to half the inexplicable fall into misery

this should be a time for riding high

the book is out and the reception has been great

new job, new car, new lease on life

yet i find myself more and more unwilling to want to live it, fatigue has set in, some days all i want is to see the finish line

is fulfilling dreams really fulfilling if it is all done alone

i don’t know anymore

but i am tired of it all

7 thoughts on “tired of it all

  1. hovered over the ‘like’ button, but hard to push on this one.
    no words either though …..
    none that don’t sound like cliches.
    Breathe, step, breathe, step… the finish line slowly recedes into the distance, a new track eventually emerges.
    And that, is all I know about that……

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