lost in spaces

it was less dine and dash then done and dense the dangling particular of participles and pageantry deny the peevish the peckish dinner of pasteurized dentata

i egress
i regress
i degress

into a spot of trouble trailing turbulent times as gestation receeds the tumultuous trials of triangular longing leaving trembling tumors to trespass the turns of mourning

the moors are damp with recessions the feeble flick flaccid phalanges to follow the fanatical failings of flailing philanthropists through the fleeting fall of fatalistic meanderings

i am not mad maybe touched by derangement so when i tell you every time i pass a mirror i tap the glass to make sure it isn’t liquid metal leading to the land i should be in the world i was born to live in unlike this one where i barely survive on a daily basis

i may be slightly insane as the colors bleed down the walls to pool in a murky gray mix of lazy particulates that refuse to assemble into the shape of regression the stars demand in pulses of codes only i seem able to analyze with certainty


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