chasm of self

i am
a casual insomniac
with artistic
i dabble
in the lost arts of
the light linework
of matisse
across incidental pain
graphite sketches
gradients crosshatched
along the obtuse radius
resisting radiance
radically radial
radio broadcasts
sent from the edge
of the last
sleepwalking through
the performance art
inherent in
the endoscopical musings
of watching
through a series of
carefully arranged mirrors
as i try to pull
the thorn
from a leaky atrium
with rusty tweezers
to place
in the foreground of
my next disasterpiece
i don’t sleep
to show my
i don’t eat
because i don’t deserve
more than coffee
in the swollen
night of ugliness
in cries for help
by yawns
in the chasm of self

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