a way

she has a way
of cutting through
my bullshit
carving away
the flowing
flowery words
until all that remains
is my quivering truth
naked on the floor
before her

she has a way
of understanding
sometimes i get
the world keeps taking
i keep giving
she sees me
becoming a husk
so she gently brushes
her lips to mine

she doesn’t require
the fool
to constantly perform
she accepts the broken
seeks the cause
knowing i see
as she sidesteps
the questions i ask
hiding herself
to keep protecting me

i know she knows
that i don’t see
the me she sees
as she doesn’t see
the her that makes
my heart swell
but when i tell her
i am sending my love
she grabs an umbrella
for the constant barrage

she has no idea
what i see
when i picture her
the sheer force of her
an incarnation
of brilliance, elegance and beauty
or that i see her words
dripping across my flesh
viridescent lines
across my bruised tender

she has a way of
my mind my heart my flesh
until all that remains
is the man i wish to be
staring at her with
incomprehensible love
and understanding
yet afraid to breathe
or she may vanish

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