obsessively repulsive

undiagnosed mania
obsessive compulsive
irrational actions
that feeling if
things are not done
exactly the right way
the entire world
willfully falls apart
into scattered shards
where order and chaos
sixty nine into
sheer oblivion

the universe doesn’t
remotely give a shit
about stressed out apes
playing god to fill the
vacuum where deities
have never existed
the actions of one
anxious madman scribbling
words in random lines
cannot influence these
invisible tendrils
any more than a mythical
pantheon created life
from motes of stardust

but that doesn’t stop
the quivering heartstrings
when things go sideways
clinging to the truth
that everything is
blandly meaningless
colored by irrational
chemical dumps between
misfiring electrical
impulses in the wooden
skull of an undeniable
coldsore on the lip
of humanity’s progress
from curious aquatics
to pointless destroyers
that believes he can do
anything to make it
all okay once again

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