one ticket to nowhere

checked most of my
emotional baggage
at the kiosk except
for the scars that
carry on into the
day to day routine
a quarter smile
more than the day
deserves plastered
over a mask of
utter indifferences
secirity eyes me
the fake grin and
shaved head and total
inability to hide
what i feel from
blasting out of my
hazel doorways into
the hell bubbling up
just behind this sack
of meat and chemicals
the unrandom spot check
running hands up my
inseam hoping to find
what it is that makes
a fool seem like a
treasure trove of
anything except
colored glass and
spray painted stones
today’s the day
i refuse to empty
my beverage in the
available receptacles
tapdancing through
crowds of anxious
onlookers made entirely
of slack jawed locals
trapped in the disarray
reminiscent of tall
tales told as truths
until the message is
as muddied as the river
slowly eating away
at the placid shore
and my luggage spins
on the drab horseless
carousel going nowhere

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