the loss of my friend centers the sorrow unbridled

been panhandling
nickel philosophies
seeking to define
the meaninglessness
of that curious fish
skittering onto land
wheezing as the weight
of existence crushes
lungs attached to gill

questioning the silence
expecting illumination
then creating a mythos
to keep the unbearable
truth hidden in parable
scribblng dissertations
to confuse and confound
the less intelligent
forming a pliable herd
willing to give all for
a fleeting sense of
purpose in purposelessness

the first time i lost
all traces of hope
was when i learned that
dolphins bat puffer fish
to get high off the toxin
when the smartest being
that isn’t actively
trying to destroy the
world they inhabit
needs chemicals to fully
embrace the despair of
reenacting the repetition
in cyclical insanities
what more is there for us

slowly breeding out the
outlying traits to form
a more docile working class
allowing a monopoly on
happiness in exchange for
barely making it as the
rich build ships to find
new planets to strip mine
the indelible mark of man
is the emptied corpses
left baking under the
gaze of an indifferent sun

panhandling penny dreadfuls
in the guise of truth
implying perpetual torment
is the only thing that
makes humanity put forth
an ounce of effort at
looking away from the mirror
only to flinch at reality
pearly carrots on a stick
believing in untested theories
that there is anything
dancing on the head of
the needle except a new
strain of deadly menace

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