inherent pointlessness

everything feels so
as i struggle to
find the point
my headache
my dreams
leaving a sense
of restlessness
to the last
six hours of wasted

failing at sleep
i cut my finger
as the knife slipped
through the rind
of the watermelon
spilled a cup of
serendipitous brown
and the neighbor’s
central air sounds
like a cement mixer
filled with angry
gargantuan hornets
sending a constant
cacophony of grinding
to utterly destroy
the much needed
solitude of a last
morning at home

two days in oklahoma
does not sound ok
anxiety is lava
through my guts
the kids sleep but soon
they will be gone
my world will return
to the facsimile of
a carbon copy taken
from a child’s idea
of the life of an
angry cave bear with
a sore paw and zero
hope for redemption

i send my love
in frantic desperation
through the aether
showering her with
all the kisses unwilling
to let a single one
rot in the hot sun
my skull reduced to
gravel worn smooth
by a river of worries
walking in circles
seeking any point
to this restless woe
keeping my sail unfurled
snapping at the winds
going nowhere at the
speed of anxious misery

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