a fool in half bloom

the watercolors run
over empty streets
to pool in overflowing
gutters carrying bits
of distortion in
sheer black and white
across the broken smile
of a fool in half bloom
an uninvited guest
wrecking reckless rejoinders
overstaying his welcome
staining the pristine
sheets of happily ever
afters unfulfilled
a rorscharch inkblot
of joy torn asunder
birdshit streaks blinding
every errant glance
until all os reduced
to unproductive reductions
redacting reactions
until the shimmering
backdrop of insular
inconsequentialities blurs
stomping through puddles
spraying glimmering oil
along the potable need
in gasping cries torn
from blood flecked teeth
a golden tongue tarnished
behind green stained lips
as the watercolors flow
an absence of light
in a land of unfiltered
hazy solar indifference
a walking shadow stepping
across the surface of
dying stars cast across
the rancorous peace of
fractal reminiscences


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