seahorses clamor in ashen remorse

a faint shivering
courses coarsely
cursing in cursive
down open palms
where fingertips
smolder like cones
of opium incense
intensely incensed
progressed through
recessionary recourse

my heart is a sparrow
hopping on bone
a puffball of brown
whistling an empty ode
oafishly opining on
indecent descents
a canary island of
mine fumes and fungus
redacted in extraction
depleted in excretion
a rusted reanimation
perfumed heavy cremation

my bone compressed
from ash to diamond
pulverized to ash again
floating suspended in
a dissolution solution
of torn muscle in
semi lactic repose
pancreatic divulgence
in rapturous repugnancy
an ever shifting sausage
in transparent skin sheath
insolubly inconsolable
in rapid decline

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