culmination of cumulous

at last it rains
angry droplets
so long hovering
at the verge
as the crow wings
darken the sky
they are expelled
washing away the sins
coating the city

i watch as the trash wobbles
drunkenly in the
swollen gutters
racing the raging drivers
windshield wipers
slashing dismissively
across the glass

a solitary baby shoe, a flyer for one day only sales, a red ribbon, a beige plastic bag, love letters tossed from a speeding car, the ink has run until only a faded cartoon heart smears across the sodden pages, promises of forever now just a part of the torrent

days of pressure
for a brief shower
a collection of tragedies
clogging sewer grates
a smattering of stars
the low rumble of planes
tomorrow there will be no sign
just clear blue skies
and the wish for rain

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