the remorse of the remora

i am tired
the stinging rebuke
of rejections
a remora
swimming with
the sharks
there was a place
among the hunters
a parasitic failure
picking scraps
from between
ferocious teeth
slowly starving
in symbiotic

what is a writer
no one reads
but a delusion
in streaming words
pooled in the drain
forgotten and alone
my depression
reminds me of my
own lack of being
the world reminds me
i am not wrong
to feel this way
with every new
it isn’t giving up
on a dream
it is giving in
to reality

and i am tired
so very tired
of giving my all
only to be met
with silence
a remora
laying in the mouth
of a shark
mindlessly feeding
on scraps
losing parts of myself
with every bite
of the terrible maw


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