mechanical spiders sup from the dusty cup of hope

my belief hangs
wrapped in wire
interlaced with
nodules of the
unanswered questions
tiptoed around
a latticework
carefully stitched
by clockwork spiders
that float on
half clotted
dreamwound stutters
throughout the
rusted passages
unable to get to
the dessicated heart
that doesn’t matter
wheezing weakly
leaving more of
who i am hanging
in the stagnancy
of going nowhere
face first at full speed
only to be entangled
in my own fleeting
seeking a sign
of the divinity
in the hollow
laughter echoing
along the sine wave
of fanatical sanity
suffocating itself
in the silence
only broken by the
tap tap tapping of
mechanical spiders
in the desolation of
a crumbling cathedral
of faithless belief

paperthin heartslices
ripple sublimely
as my sense of self
deteriorates to
blow over the fields
of sanguineous aches
while i twitch and jerk
from the softly woven
noose of reality’s disdain

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