milky way

i dread the day
decide to make contact
and humanity has to
communicate the reasons
we have named things
we have little to no
real knowledge of
having to explain
we call our backwater
corner of space
the milky way
because when zeus
took his bastard child
to suckle upon
hera’s breast so
the baby could consume
some of her divinity
and when she woke
shocked to feel
heracles on her breast
and flung him
across the room
causing a splash of
her breast milk to
splatter across the sky

it does not surprise me
these spacefarers
would abduct cattle
it must be difficult
figuring out which species
reigns supreme
on a half dead sphere
spinning awkwardly
as it is slowly killed
by the beings that require
it to survive
the nonsense humans spill
with every idiotic belief
a docile creature
content to eat grass
in peace beneath the great
canopy of stars
must seem positively
philosophical in compare
let the aliens
living happily upon
other planets
remain ignorant of our
existence down here
barely cognizant fools
doing our best to
erase ourselves from
the margins of history

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