scraping to get by

i let my fingers
trace along
the bilateral incision
separating solace
from shuddering
hellschisms in
the desolation of
wilted heartblossoms
laying limply
on the equator of
my hemispherical
insolent serenity

my parchment soul
buckles and tears
rent by the jagged claws
of indecency undefined
as ink pools from
a thousand paper cuts
on the cardiac sack
a splendiferousness
of benign bloodlettings
slowly draining
the best intentions
in a flurry of tensions

a seizure of subtle
subjagations sliding
on the undertow of
an elegance of grievances
a grieving exhilaration
in allegorical elegies
as a metastatic insolence
manifests metamorphosis
in hollow promises
of heavens torn asunder
barefeet dance upon
the embers of madness

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