salmon colored dreamthistle

traffic is moving
backwards today
as emergency vehicles
block the highway
we move against
the currents
salmon seeking to
spawn in the mouths
of waiting bears

one truck lies
scattered in jagged
shards across the road
the only movement
the flashing lights
as paramedics stand
staring at the wreckage

i watch in silence
over the concrete divider
the bezoar in my guts
churns in synchronicity
with the spikes jammed
into my brain
whispering secrets
beyond my comprehension
spitting prophetic nonsense
in a sea of stalled dream

the tumors in
my hollow skull
cause fits for
the phrenologists
looking for answers
in bonespur knots
as we inch along towards
predestined destinations
lost in the exhaust plumes
distorting migrations
toward the placid waters
of wayward catastrophe

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