i don’t claim to be an expert on most anything except being mentally defective. i don’t know if i will ever understand the hills politicians decide to die upon. people are still homeless as we have record numbers of empty homes. kids go to school hungry. our infrastructure is hot garbage. lobbyists control everything. sitting at the edge of a war no one wants and investigating if letting people be the versions of themselves they want to be is child abuse seems like pandering to a voting base instead of taking care of the actual people you were elected to help. i tire of political machinations at the expense of actual progress. freedom being a fancy term for over worked, over taxed, and under represented by the career criminals that hold sway. remember, we get weekends off because they determined we would spend more money if they gave us time off, not as a human rights act. but what do i know? just a failed poet unable to afford groceries, warming my hands as the world burns around me.

at times my eyes
are the color of money
and those are the only
time i hold any value
if i bled oil
perhaps the goverment
would take interest
in my plight

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