dreary day spent picking scabs

torn pages of
a unicorn covered
dream journal
fall slowly
to the floor
caught up in
this melodic malady
quietly humming
as mitochondria
power the entire
entropic demise
in double time
the cursor flashes
mocking the words
dripping lethargically
over opioid deceptors
in a languish of
rhetorical ambiance
schismatic resonance
in anticlimactic
monochromatic dreamslurry
scraps of scribbles
piling up ever higher
to blot out where
the sun should be shining
picking scabs
in order to feel
anything but empty
another dreary day
staring up into darkness
from the bottom of
a dried up wishing well
slipping on pennies
unrealized dreams
reflected in lincoln’s
disapproving glare

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