rockwell with a black eye

the sun came through
the window in bars of
steaming golden light
made somehow more solid
by the trails of smoke
illuminated in the
four slanted recrangles
hitting the red and white
checkered table cloth
and the porcelain rooster
sitting proudly in its
place of honor at the
center of the table
just out of the light
a smoldering butt sits
crooked from a partial
stubbing into the filthy
half full crystal ashtray
a pack of marlboros sits
with a cheap lighter in
a silver case with an
inset piece of turquoise
they don’t know that
the carcinogens wafting
lazily in the sunlight
is the third most cancerous
blight hovering in the
small kitchen of the
beat up old mobile home
the deadliest sits glaring
her fingers tapping
unhappily on the checkers
and the second is invisible
radon gas settling as a fine
dust over everything that
no matyer how often he
sprays the lemon mist
reappears as quickly as
the plastic hangers and
strongly voiced disapprovals

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