hints of green in an ocean of gray mist

the human eye
has evolved to
shades of green
a surivial trait
to discern threats
in the dying forests

i have evolved
to become color blind
trapped on a
two dimensional plane
where every shadow
hides a certain
and painful demise

leaking black blood
onto the pale gray
floor of fundamental
failings until
the wounds grow septic
while maggots feast
on the flesh of creativity

a myriad of hues
in subterfuge
haunted by verdant
spirits in the halls
of the echoing dead
broken hope crunches
beneath stumbling steps

giving pounds of flesh
to satiate the
ravenous maw of dream
lost in indecipherable
shadows dancing on
the cave walls where
poetic splendor died

the only threat
detectable in the wan
light of mourning
is the reflection
of sheer dejection
crying softly from
the mirror of truth

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