foolish contemplation

i misunderstood
the things that didn’t last
mistook temporary
for fleeting permanence

we collect forever
in scars
yet blame everything
on the stars
excuse failings as predetermined
because our parents
fucked as mercury
went into retrograde

samuel clemens lived through
two passings of
haley’s comet but i imagine
he never
used it as a crutch
then again
i am a scorpio
chasing long forgotten eternities
for whatever that’s worth

on quiet nights
i stare up at orion’s belt
still amazed at
how it lays across the sky
in a different way
than back home
among the emptiness
bombarded by radioactivity
and reruns of old sitcoms
there are no answers
just distances
our fragile little minds
could never hope
to comprehend

i like to imagine
on another planet
an alien is looking at its horoscope
pissed off at whatever
constellation our sun is part of
and lamenting the tragedy
of his predestination
while some asshole
mocks him
in shitty poetry
as it contemplates
forever in increments of anguish

i hope he is self aware enough
to know
he is a god forsaken fool
just like me

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