evicted expirations

whatever happened
to all the kids
with their faces on
the side of milk cartons
after the hopefulness
had long expired
curdled dreams spent
chasing ghosts
the sour expressions
of runaway aspirations
being poured down
into the darkness of
the strained drains
in denied restraint

my inner child is
a battered orphan
watching the adult version
kill himself
again and again and again
he is a culmination
of storms long past
in the brooding silence
awaiting the final tempest
battening down the
hatches before an avalanche
of expired dreams
like so much rancid milk
floods his nook
as he contemplates
running away to join
the circus or possibly
find work in the mines
anywhere less dreary
than in the soul of
an empty poet
given in to rot

another face
plastered on the side
of a milk carton
with an expiration date
stamped too many
long years ago
chasing the ghosts
of faded smiles
daydreams scrawled in
shaky pastel crayon
on eviction notices
stapled to his heart

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