ants in amber

a seething sense of
simmering discontent
in the crystalline skies
glaring down in
malicious disapproval
as the ants crawl
in uniform rows
creeping ever closer
to whichever deformed
misanthropic hive of
hastily cobbled plastics
twitching their antennas
in servile desperation
to please the winged queen
watching in multifaceted
dismay as she flexes her
viridescent wings ready
to denounce the sovereignty
in a flurry of
panicked flight or fight
as the sirens wail
far off in the distance
an offering of discarded
crumbs to satiate the
wailing hivemind
the air thick with
hormonal dissonance
shattering the calm
efficiency of indentured
servitude to instinct
as the monsters hold
a magnifying glass to
engulf order in flames
of divine retribution
trapped in rays of amber
slowly solidifying on
a daydream of purpose
in the random chaos of
an evolution wrapped softly
in tattered revolutions

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