trains and fools

i find a strange
comfort in the rumbling
of trains as they
mosey down the silver
tracks, great metal
bulls charging forward
cutting through the
emptiness that lays
between the oases of
false civilizations
bustling in the center
of nowhere america
the great expanses where
the young dreamers
find themselves interred
in the loose soil
stained blood red
by atrocities committed
in the name of progress

just the train and me
riding an endless trail
always on the move
yet never quite going
anywhere at all except
farther from home
beneath an eternity of
blue skies with wispy
clouds that have forgotten
the taste of rain
splashes through mirages
passing billboards for
attorneys and car lots
golden arches and
congestive heart flailure
sending my love through
the hawks and bunnies
to the wildflowers in
her perfect smile
a one man locomotion
shoveling coal into his
steam powered insignificance
at the razor’s edge of
dreamdander self destruction

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