rejoice for the week is born anew

my jaw creaks
as i expel the last
of night from
my raisin lungs
yawning deeply
to pull the light
into every cell
unable to taste
the caffeinated swill
falling over my
dehydrated tongue
a slab of leather
from which to hone
am edge onto the
words stuck behind
broken molars into
slashing tirades
against the quiet
hanging over me
a pall, a fog, a malaise
deep seated into
the roots of a fool
as the birds squeak
a sallow song to the
sun not yet risen
sorrows drip across
my freshly shaven skull
running rivulets of
sinful secretions in
predawn mourning to
blot the last vestiges
while dream dissipates
the weakened weekend
where i flopped along
in a depressive haze
coming to terms with
an infection of
pithy inflections
a tired villain bows
before beating a
hasty retreat back into
the bowels of this
work week armageddon


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