cast off into
the darkness
that holds
no more answers
than the silence
a miserable stain
begging the question
if ignorance
is so blissful
how do i remain
so goddamned sad
in the face of
this emptiness
that swaddles me

is a phantom limb
pins and needles
along the rim
of this vacancy
forcing myself to
keep struggling on
when the ending
has been predisdained
an echo lost
in a sea of
scribbling tales
no one will read
to keep this ship
firmly at the cusp
of sinking downdowndown

hoped for sleep
recycled dreamdander
ground to a fine dust
to coat my brittle
making me shine
like a dying star
winking out across
the ebon blanket
smothering beauty
in catastrophic waves
reassuring the frantic
heartbeat of
universal disinterest
i know my place
an insomnial wanderer
staggering between
tragic disenchantments


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