knotted worms in nervous dismay

the birds gather
singing uproariously
about sunrise
after having missed me
on my wayward travel
perhaps they sing
because in the night
i cast aside my
armor of flesh and bone
to wriggle out
a bundle of nerves
thin filaments of
fluctuating voltage
a writhing mass of worms
connected to a
chemical dump in gelatin
in an enforced state of
semiconscious denial
lapping up caffeinated
sludge to facelessly face
another day in hell
skinsuitted golems
sitting in chaotic lines
pilots of meat vessels
going through the motions
in steel and glass contraptions
rigorously repeating routines
preprogrammed by necessity
slowly breaking down
in pursuit of dreams
imprinted in faulty
double helix dismay
cursing the light as it
illuminates the fallacy
of divinty in madness
while only the sparrows
see through the heavy fog
where the commonality of
existence is merely another
survival mechanism for
this parasitical life


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