insomnial anxiety blossoms

i read there would be
a full lunar eclipse
happening this evening
the sun sets at nine
insomnia kicks in
somewhere around ten
so perhaps at the
witching hour i can
stumble outside to see
the jealous moonbeams
vanish the same way
any chance of dreaming
slips in grains of sand
into the corners of my
tightly clenched eyes

between shopping and
then preparing the gumbo
the kids wanted more than
any other possible meal
all my time sank slowly
into the chocolatey swirls
as the roux began to
fully takes its final form
chopping celery can be
a quite cathartic exercise
until you realize the entire
day has vanished into
the bubbling pot along
with the okra and shrimp
and now i long to spend
the last day scribbling out
macabre misadventures
i know they will rise soon
and it is back to the stove
where sausage and biscuits
await the cooking of gravy

too tired this morning to
bother contemplating how the
moon will hide its face
after the tantalizing month
of bare glimpses in a
shuttered series of slivers
slowly unveiling the silvery
stolen glow of syncopated
sunbeams only to disappear
upon its finally full unveiling
as my shoulders and head
have a pissing contest over
which can cause the most
irritating and sublime agony
when all i want is her
curled up next to me and
to sleep away these longings
in a full eclipse of my
insomnial anxiety blossoms


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