a close one

the silence fills in
each minute crack
as dilation swept
throughout my chest
rejoined by the
stuttered echo of
my pulse throbbing
in heavy gasps as
every vein constricts
an unction of
shivering darkness
swallowing the edges
of my bleary sight
a desperation for
oxygenated necessity
while fevered flesh
convulses in time with
the burning sensation
in rapid dismay tapping
along hollow bones
alight with empty prayers
gone unanswered as i
slip farther and farther
from the light i have
no right to stand in
an anaphylactic reaction
seizing my airways as
i drove myself to the
florescent cathedral
where tired angels
administered syringes to
wake the ambulatory half
dead poet in a haze of
red tinged allergic doom
the perfumed lotion
a catalyst triggering
these apocalyptic waves
leaving the reaper’s cloak
to choke the life from
suddenly deflated lungs
unable to strain cool air
to keep the meatsuit
in a functional state
yet after three hours
in a solemn whirlpool
spinning upon the styx
all that remained of a
near death experience was
a weak fool in exhaustion
and a new bill with zero
hope of proper payment
accruing more debts for a
life less than half lived
as silence spackles the
minute cracks between
drowning on dry land
and suffocating beneath
the ebony waves of woe


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