deified in deicide

looking about
at the half formed clay
of shambling lives
realizing god
must have grown bored
somewhere around
the third day
the light was good
separating the waters
above and below
was pretty alright
then the minutiae of
life itself grew
to be more than the
divine plan called for
so with filthy hands
and bitter disdain
god decided that
it was good enough
and moved on to
days of rest filled
with introspection
as the little globs
went about admiring
the glory of this
half assed creation
a too curious amalgamtion
of cells multiplying
through the process
of division becoming
complex forms filled
with simplistic needs
seeking some reason for
this constant entropy
falling to pieces
in a sisyphusian act
of seeking happiness
as they stagger brokenly
towards impending doom
cursing the first fish
to curiously climb
onto the newly revealed
land masses to cluster
in group of tumors and
quietly begin a long
reign of destruction in
this divinity abandoned
realm of accidental hope
god having long grown
bored with these playthings
silently committed deicide
as humanity swarmed
vermin suckling the marrow
from the bloated corpse
of holy aspiration


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