when did this
labyrinth of
glass and steel
go from being
the concrete jungle
to a cookie cutter

we have drained
the last shreds of
from the corpse
of the american dream
leaving a homogenized
slurry of bland gray
gruel to be lapped
up by greedy tongues
needing the satisfaction
of instant gratification

traded in our dreams
of a slice of that
sky high american pie
for nickel and diming
ourselves to death
with plain brown
packages in a constant
deluge of deliveries
of unnecessary fluff
to fill the void where
we once saved dreamshards
for a rainy day far away
when smiles came easier
than thumb up reacts
speaking jibberish
just to prove to someone
that we fucking exist
the world has never been
closer yet we are so
fucking far apart
staring at the screens
socially dictating our
every photo worthy moment

the city used to be
partially feral with a
hint of danger lurking
i guess humanity has
never met a rainforest
it didn’t immediately begin
to destroy for a profit
erased along with
huddled masses longing
to be acknowledged


2 thoughts on “jungle

  1. I agree with your sentiments here. It’s so hard to see the way things are-the way my teenagers interact in a world that’s letting them down daily. I’m really hoping they rebel and take back what they deserve.

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