migratory hivemind of geese

when the angry
over aggreasive
white sports car
began undulating
from lane to lane
cutting off
the other drivers
yet finding himself
falling farther
and farther behind
the rest of the
cars adopted a
migratory bird
type of hive mind
moving in one
cohesive unity
to prevent his
idiocy from infecting
the rest of the
swarm of vehicles
each of us maintaining
just enough speed
and distance to
prevent him from
cutting in as he
glares at the smiles
revving his engine
a sound like a goose
choking to death
in an ampitheatre
only to find himself
penned in between
three semis he had
carelessly cut off
moment before
now he rocks in
his futile captivity
as the rest of us
break formation
and resume our
regular routes

it feels nice to see
the people unite
against a common foe
too bad no lessons
will be learned today
by the angry jackass
in his white sports car
and the choking goose
in place of a muffler


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