moondreaming on a sunny afternoon in hell

i am obsessed
with the chalkdust
moon watching me
from cerulean skies
my eyes drawn to
the melancholy
satellite drifting
trapped in the
inescapable pull
of the wobbly blue
marble so far below

maybe something in
the vacancy of life
a dusty rock circling
romanticized yet
ultimately barren
pockmarked from all
the impacts of errant
space trash hurtling
for centuries only
to create another
forgotten crater calls
to my insular lonely
two objects adrift in
the cold eternity
doing little more than
existing without hope

i watch the birds fly
yet my eyes are drawn to
the pale white disc
mournfully staring through
the miles of emptiness
forcing the tides to
gently caress the land
a husk in silver chalk
sketched in solar rays
an irradiation of pale gray
in a clarity of azure lies


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