no need for anemic anthems

i didn’t turn on
any music this morning
let the solemn silence
of the highway leech
the poisons from my
sickly soul to stream
along the embankments
of crumbling concrete
guiding my chariot
swept away with the other
blank faces seeking
solace in the congested
highways leading farther
from comfortable beds
to joy crushing cubicles
in shades of beige dismay
working my way through
the stories lodged in
the back of my mind
trying to escape reality
in words that will be
most certainly ignored
struggling with futility
moving steadily forward
yet falling ever behind
just another lost fool
migrating toward nothing
at the speed of failure
the workload piles up
as the will to succeed
is buried deeply in the
constantly chewing maw
of indifferent understanding
chasing the chemtrails
fading on the horizon
behind monoliths of
vacant admonishments in
hymnals of softly uttered
unreciprocated ideologies
in running lines of
graffitied epitaphs
half covered on the
trash littered roadways
a palpable silence where
the music would have
drowned out the pleading
with bursts of distorted
anemic anthems of dream


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