somewhere west of downtown

time to kill
before the next call
so i went to the park
to stew with my own
insidious turmoils
nothing to say
no one who will listen
to me anyway
just a hundred thousand
shimmering leaves
and the fattened ducks
expecting snacks
the sparrows found me
watching among the trees
heads cocked in confusion
as i sat silently
on the warm bench
lost in the terminal
shuffle of supple sorrow
checking for answers in
electronic dissidence
forever hanging on these
pregnant pauses where
time is whirlpool
pulling best intentions
to a watery grave
the heavy shackles clang
as i shift beneath the
petulant gaze of this
gathering swarm of tiny
beady black eyes waiting
for something beautiful
as my soul drips pitch
to spoil a perfect day


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