electric purple piss stains

evening pours itself
to extinguish the candles
leaving just an
electric purple from
the light pollution
and the perpetual clouds
my head is filled with
drunk angry bukowski
feeling ugly as sin
pissed off with discordant
noise hissing in my ears
the goddamn night stuffed
charcoal cotton muting
an already eerily
silent night in hell

i never was anyone
just a discarded shell
oscillating at my own
breakneck insanity
making everyone around me
just as miserable
as it seems i always am
a one man wrecking crew
now picking scabs
and howling at the moon
pointedly ignoring me
from above those clouds

why won’t it just
fucking rain and wash
the thick layer of filth
from the silent city
a biblical storm
forty days and forty nights
to drown the human stains
drinking and fighting
clawing at one another
with inebriated moans
trying to hush the voice
of the abyss we are all
hurtling into

there was a man
stomping around the parking lot
of the gas station
a long coil of tubing
flopping amd spraying
urine as he shouted at me
that i was going to hell
and all i could think was
this guy gets it
piss soaked shoes and all
this man has seen god
and he was unimpressed
bitterly disappointed
and now he was gifted
with the second sight to see
all of us lowlifes
kicking gravel nonchalantly
wasting precious oxygen

night castrates the sky
over this city filled with
the walking dead
and all i can do is
stare at the static emptiness
deafened by indifference
seeking salvation in the
piss soaked divinations
in a hell of my own making


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