he seethes in an ocean of bitter denials

he sits
reading along
as someone else
gets praised
i ignore him
i always ignore him
any second now
i can feel it
he will try
and spin the
entirety of
the conversation
back to himself
he always does
when he does
the talking stops
he blathers on
about himself
and everyone else
men like him
have no concept
of how they are
truly perceived
just the grand
image of themselves
they parade about
no matter how far
from the truth
that misaligned
self perception is
it’s pathetic
the only one
he manages to fool
is himself
into thinking he is
more vital to
the conversation
he wasn’t part of
than he truly is
he tries too hard
to always be
the victim of
his own folly
having affairs
then blaming others
when he gets caught
as if he is
sin free when
it is time to pay
the bills
it is someone else’s
fault his works
won’t sell
not at all
that the people
see through him
cloaking himself
in righteousness
leaving a trail
of lies behind
his innocence
ignoring all of
the receipts
flapping in the wind
he was my friend
before i saw through
his facade
then he turned
his bile toward me
until he decided
the friendship
paid dividends
he could cash in
now acting hurt
because his game
is one i will not
play along with
so he sits
trying to find
a way to spin
it all back to him
seeking praise
for his self
proclaimed genius
in a now empty room
filled with his
biggest fan
not realizing
he is all alone
still refusing to
accept his own
actions led him
to this very place
i watch him
taking no pleasure
in his fall
but eager to see
his landing
out of this
morbid curiosity
watching as the
overweight pigeon
pretends he is
an angelic being
pecking for scraps
to feed his
rapidly expanding ego


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