i travel
seeing the world
through videos
reading books
and daydreaming
my way around
the globe
while staying
safely hidden
within my
tiny slice of

trapped inside
this bubble
unable to
actually interact
a ghost surfing
the internet
my corporeal form
dying slowly
as my mind
races everywhere
loving and living
in perpetual loneliness
with no escape
using the embers
of dying hope
to cook the
rice and beans
i robotically
consume to maintain
enough momentum
to stumble on

staring out
the window
from the apartment
or the car
always separate
never a part of
longing for some
sort of purpose
at the edge of
breaking down
as my guts vibrate
filled with
angry hornets
that never rest
filled with these
aching desires
yet drowning
in silence

the world seems
so small and yet
i am still
so far removed
grasping at dander
blowing on the breeze
banging my hand
on sheets of glass
reminded constantly
i am nothing
a phantom haunting
the corners of
the data swollen
electronic aether
a random string
of ones and zeros
lost in the stream
a dead spot on
the cornea of god


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