empire central

i got turned around
in this industrial park
the sky and city both
smothered in gray
dodging potholes
nearly large enough
to swallow me whole
surrounded by these
cold war era
east german style
nondescript soot stained
yellow brick buildings
with angled fences
dripping shiny razor wire
fleets of trucks
rumbling slowly as
their loads are jostled
by sinkholes leading
to a subterranean
hell of rat people
shoveling shit oozing
from broken pipes
dandelions sprouting
from cracked sidewalks
the only sense of
verdancy in this
misnamed park of desolation
a goddamned receptacle
where dreams crawl
to die an ignoble death
among the blowing trash
and diesel fumes leaking
into the heavy fog
every sign says
no outlet
as i turn ever deeper
long abandoning any
hope of a golden path
leading to a land of
rainbows and kittens
yet still fucking driving
driving driving driving
no closer to heaven
on these winding alleys
leading only farther
away from the light


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