dreary emptiness

somewhere between
pacing and sitting
staring at the blue
accent wall of this
mediocre hotel
it began to rain
a turgid drizzle
the type i suspect
falls on lonely travelers
headed to a funeral

powdered eggs sit
by a vat of sausages
a beggar’s banquet
with a small machine
that makes waffles
in the shape of texas
i scavenge coffee
listening as the older
couple go on about
how proud texans are
of their giant state
as they pour fake syrup
to soak through the
burnt lone star
and i do believe that
sam houston rolls over
in his grave at the
sad state of affairs
while i double check
my route for anything
worthy of distracting me
even for a moment from
this indentured servitude

somewhere between
drinking coffee and
staring at the blue
accent wall of this
mediocre hellscape
the rains kept falling
a turgid drizzle
and i begin to suspect
i am the lonely traveler
planning my own funeral


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