black sacrament

excise me
from your mind
erase my taste
from your lips
delete every
solemn whisper
lingering along
your pretty lobes
exorcise me
one less spirit
haunting your
every thought
bathe yourself
in holy water
and wash my sin away
you believed me
to be a catalyst
stumbled headlong
into cataclysm
for all the heaven
hovering upon
the tip of my tongue
you remained so
ill prepared for
the hells i carry
in hazel damnation
pluck a feather
from my blackened wings
to remind yourself
not all who are fallen
wish to be saved
cling to salvation
as memory leaves you
soaked with desire
tear my name
from the tip of
your thirsty tongue
for there is no
succor to be found
dreaming of demons
while fervently praying
for your soul to be saved
a black hymnal
leading you deeper
into the flames
of perdition
with the paradise of
my callused hands


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