artful dejections

i seek to trick
the very wind itself
into carrying
my words and hopes
to blow across this
desolation stretching
between heartbeats
murmuring to sparrows
overladen with odes
as the breeze moves
sluggish under the
weight of frantic kisses
a cool front tickling
the heat of passions
in half whispered
lines of collision
leaving naught but
wreckage in a westward
swath of pure destruction

another sleepless night
spent pining within
a blanket cocoon
tossing and turning
fast enough to power a
small city filled with
thousands of dead souls
searching for solace
in the aftermath of
succulent sorrows
each new attempt at art
another plastic bag
drifting lazily along the
towering landfill where
dreams are buried next to
styrofoam delusions


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